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Music production


The idea of ​​creating music was based on a desire to have very specific sounds on the videos I produce. Then the album project grew by discovering new universes of musical artists, very free and independent. I accepted my totally different tastes from those around me. I accepted and affirmed this art in me.

Explored unusual sounds, atypical rhythms.

I want to tell a story with music without words. Music based on the vulnerability

of being and its feelings.


This is how “ From the Moon to the Sun ” was born. A symbolic journey in me. A link between my masculinity and my femininity, bringing together

the common of opposing extremes.

Baby Boy 1.JPG


Ce deuxième album met en lumière une énergie musicale plus profonde et méditative. Tout un voyage émotionnel où le cœur connait périple et bonheur.

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